Some Project Risk Management Client Profiles

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped businesses and government organizations like yours increase project risk management effectiveness:

Client Profile (Prime Contractor)

Problem: The prime contractor was using a flawed risk management process on a multi-billion dollar high visibility project, which prevented it from accurately prioritizing risk issues and allocating funds to handle risks.

Solution: Performed an independent evaluation of the risk management process. Identified and documented flaws in the risk analysis methodology and provided solutions that permitted an accurate prioritization of risk issues and development of suitable risk handling options.

Client Profile (Prime Contractor)

Problem: High risk development project needed expert risk management process development and implementation. Previous contractor on project defaulted and the government stated that poor risk management was a primary factor for the development problems.

Solution: Worked with the contractor project manager and deputy project manager to rapidly tailor a suitable risk management process to the project. Developed a Risk Management Plan, performed training, led the initial project risk assessment and documented risk identification, risk analysis, and risk handling results within six weeks of the start of the assignment. Credited by the government more than once for having saved the project from termination. Item met or exceeded all performance requirements, was delivered one week ahead of schedule, and within budget.

Client Profile (Prime Contractor)

Problem: Large contractor team did not have an effective risk management process. This was made even more difficult by the geographic separation of several team members.

Solution: Worked with the prime contractor systems engineering lead to define and implement a viable risk management process for the project. Developed and tailored the process and provided guidelines and training for its implementation. Led and participated in Risk Management Board meetings, and was chosen by the prime contractor to present results to the government.

Client Profile (Prime Contractor)

Problem: An immature technology was in widespread use across an entire industry.  The corresponding parts were subsequently observed to have a failure rate that was orders of magnitude larger than previously anticipated.  This increased failure rate would lead to unacceptable system performance.

Solution: Assisted an industry/government team in developing failure analysis statistics and reliability projections independent of industry, and workarounds used by a specific project manager for parts replacements.  These recommendations included developing alternative parts, and replacing existing parts in a number of sets of partially completed and completed hardware with more reliable parts.

Client Profile (Sub Contractor)

Problem: Industry leading sub-contractor (parts supplier) was having difficulty in delivering a sufficient number of complex parts across a number of projects and organizations.

Solution: Led and co-led a small team to assist the fabricator in prioritizing deliveries of complex parts across a diverse set of projects.  Performed an extensive statistical analysis to identify likelihood of successful parts completing fabrication coupled with project schedule need requirements to more accurately balance the manufacturing flow across projects using the parts.

Client Profile (Government Organization)

Problem: Risk assessments were required of a number of systems competing for a fixed level of government funding. Assessments had to be thorough and withstand scrutiny from both government agencies sponsoring the projects and their contractors.

Solution: Led a multi-service team in performing risk assessments of each system. Results were used to tailor government funding priorities and development strategies during the next decade.

Client Profile (Government Organization)

Problem: Government project manager required a number of comprehensive technical risk analyses in a short period of time to support his development project.

Solution: Worked with the project's technology focal point to develop an extensive strawman risk assessment for multiple project options. Orchestrated a multi-day risk analysis meeting with supporting technology experts to finalize risk issues, analyses, and related documentation. By rotating experts throughout the meeting, over 50 risk issues were thoroughly evaluated, yet the time burden to individual analysts was small. The results were used by government project manager to support funding levels required for the project.

Management Client Profile (Government Organization)

Problem: Government program manager was concerned that risk management was unevenly implemented across a number of high technology development projects. In addition, the quality of risk management training being given to project personnel was also in question.

Solution: Rapidly interviewed a number of government project managers to assess both the level of sophistication of their risk management processes, together with how risk management was implemented on their projects. In addition, reviewed and provided detailed comments on the sufficiency of the risk management training material. Developed specific recommendations on how to improve the training material, including ways to enhance risk management process completeness and sophistication, as well as methods to better implement it on a variety of different projects.

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