Overview of Additional Services

Additional services are primarily focused on the areas of Cost as an Independent Variable (and Design to Cost), engineering design analysis, management strategy, and technology assessment.

We provide management and technical consulting services to industry and government that need more specialized experience than they have on staff. We work with client management and senior staff across all project phases to identify solutions to problems, assist in implementing the solutions and train personnel. Management and Technology Associates' principal has over 20 years of relevant experience and brings an extensive history of successful problem solving to bear on client problems.

The following examples illustrate some of our capabilities:

Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) and Design To Cost

The government requires CAIV on your project but its unclear how to effectively accomplish this. Well help you develop and implement a tailored approach that meets or exceeds your contractual requirements and is integrated with key project processes.

Engineering Design Analysis and Cost, Performance, Schedule, and Risk Trades

Your designs yield products that have cost overruns, performance shortfalls, and/or schedule slips. Well help you balance your design process to obtain a better, more manageable mix of CPS and risk.

Management Strategy

Your objectives for a given project are at odds with your customer or subcontractor, leading to friction and an inefficient working relationship. Well help you assess and quantify these objectives; develop a strategy to work more efficiently internally and more effectively with your customer or subcontractor; better predict cost, performance and schedule (CPS) outcomes for your project and develop strategies for identifying and controlling potential CPS problems before they occur.

Technology Assessment

A number of technology alternatives exist for your project, but its unclear which one to select and when to insert it. Well help you implement a viable process for assessing technology availability and planning technology insertion into your project.

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