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The following sample brochure illustrates our two and three day courses. Additional courses tailored to your needs are available that range from day to 5 days. These courses are taught in-house or in public settings depending upon your needs. All courses are taught by Dr. Edmund H. Conrow, a recognized authority on project risk management who has served more than 30 times as risk manager and mentor to risk managers and has been responsible for risk and opportunity management on a wide variety of projects, programs, and proposals.

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Sample course outline (will be tailored to your needs


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Course synopsis

The course offers a comprehensive look at the risk management process, including tips to apply it and traps to avoid based upon more than 700 lessons learned from actual projects. Throughout the course, the instructor explores how state-of-the-art concepts can be applied to aerospace (and non-aerospace) project risk management. Using examples from actual projects, the course provides students with practical, ready-to-use approaches for risk planning, identifying and analyzing project risk issues, developing risk handling strategies, and monitoring progress in implementing risk handling strategies.

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Who should attend

The course is appropriate for mid-level system engineers and project managers, as well as senior project managers, senior technical specialists, and lower-level engineers. Although some examples provided are from the aerospace industry, the principals covered apply equally to the project risk management challenges for both aerospace and non-aerospace organizations.

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Sample course outline (will be tailored to your needs)

Overview of risk management

Overview of risk management process

Risk management process lessons learned

Risk planning

Risk identification

Risk analysis

Risk handling

Risk monitoring

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Dr. Edmund H. Conrow is an independent management and technical consultant. He has 30+ years of risk management and project management experience on medium to large-scale programs/projects (life cycle dollar ranges from several million to more than $100 billion), and has trained hundreds of personnel on project risk management in a wide variety of settings, including actual projects and proposals. He has successfully served a broad range of clients, including industry, federally-funded research centers, national laboratories and government Served more than 30 times as risk manager and mentor to risk managers and was responsible for risk and opportunity management on a wide variety of projects, programs, and proposals. He has received letters of commendation from numerous government agencies.

Dr. Conrow is a Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering (cited for research and practice associated with risk management, and cost, performance, and schedule trade methods), an Associate Fellow and Life Member of the AIAA, Senior Member of the IEEE, member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), member of PMI, Certified Management Consultant (Institute of Management Consultants), Certified in Risk Management (International Institute of Professional Education and Research), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMI).

For a brief biography of Dr. Edmund H. Conrow, please visit the following link on this web site: About Dr. Edmund H. Conrow

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Course materials

Each participant will receive a complete set of course handouts, as well as, Dr. Conrow's book, "Effective Risk Management: Some Keys to Success," Second Edition, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, July 2003, 554 pages.

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Course fees

Contact us for course fee information.

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